Remington FR-730 Review:

Remington FR-730 utilizes two surgical steel foils that adjust comfortably to your face, chin, and jaw line, while a premium intercept trimmer eliminates long hairs, providing maximum speed and closeness. Pivot, Flex and Arc technology foil allows the neck to pivot freely while the two independent flexing foils adjust to the contours of your face. The Remington FR-730 Review Pivot & Flex Men’s Rechargeable Shaver features pivot technology with a full-flex neck and two stainless steel flexing foils for a close, consistent shave. For detail work on sideburns and facial hair, the pop-up trimmer offers maximum speed and precision. The shaver can operate with a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 10 days of shaving with a 60-minute charge. The entire head snaps off for easy cleaning. This shaver is not the best of the best but with its relatively low cost it does get the job done just not 100 percent. You won’t get the closest shave nor will you get a good shave if you are sporting a thick beard. The Remington FR-730 is best for the beginners (ditching the disposable razor) that want to experiment with different kinds of electric shavers without spending a fortune in their endeavors. As this shaver is good but not too great. Even though this is not the greatest shaver it does inherent some attributes to keep it in the race for the ultimate shaving experience. This shaver is equipped with a 3 stage cutting system with two flexing surgical steel foils with an integrated intercept trimmer which provides a “close enough” shave. With the pivot full-flex technology this shaver will follow the hard to manage contours of your face with much ease compared to some other popular shavers on the market. Another note worth mentioning is that this shaver is known for giving a comfortable shave. You may not get the closest shave but you wont walk away with pieces of tissue paper on your face or look like an adolescent boy learning about shavers. This shaver is said to be “irritation free” and without the need to go over the same spot multiple times which is the number one cause of skin irritations with electric shavers. We all don’t need a stylish looking shaver but whom are we kidding? We WANT a sexy shaver. Big difference between “need” and “want” and with this shaver’s plastic exterior leaves us wanting a higher end model that we can hold with pride. This shaver does show promise but with some tweaking it can hold its own with the other leaders of the pack. The exterior could be better but the most important part, which is the foils are made of surgical steel so that offsets the plastic body. It’s not the greatest shaver but it does the job but without the fancy additions, which helps to keep this shaver’s price low.

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