A New Light knee sleeve – Why This Soft, Flexible Style of Support Can Help You.

Many times you will be on the internet and you can see what appears to be a really large, bulky and heavy knee support. – The though alone can make you want to give up on knee braces. Many times you can get some added support just by investing in an elastic style knee sleeve. They are light, more flexible, and are considered by many to be soft. Does this mean that they do not give you any support?

There are two basic types of material knee sleeve that you will find in a lightweight style of knee brace.

1.) Neoprene

2.) Drytex

Many people will actually look for an elastic knee brace, but these are the two kinds of material that people really should be looking for when they mean “elastic”. Some knee brace companies will indicate that drytex is more breathable, and people may have allergy problems to neoprene. If you do have an allergy to neoprene, then drytex should be the material that you consider to use for yourself. Many people will think of a lightweight, soft knee brace and think of it as a “knee sleeve”. In effect that is a great way to describe the brace. These knee sleeves pull up on your thigh, calf, and leg as if it were a sleeve. Most of the time these supports are one piece of material with little to no strapping involved. They also have an open knee area as well.

Light knee sleeve, what to Expect from Them

Usually these softer types of knee braces are an added means to provide you with support, but they are not meant to be used for a major knee injury. This is very important to remember.

A little added support here and there can actually do great things for you. It can act as a reminder for you to not make certain movements that have really escalated your pain or instability in the past. They can also help reduce your knee pain due to the support that they can provide.

You New “Pain Pill”

Many times people will refer to these kinds of supports as their new “pain pill”. Sometimes people will call them their new “best friend” or “security blanket” too. When you have minor knee pain or minor instability issues then you should consider one of these braces for yourself.

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