Google position checker Action Plan.

As you create a website, it is extremely important to use webmaster tracking tools such as Google Analytics, Google position checker and Google Webmasters to get to know the kind of traffic that goes and leaves your website. It also helps you out in checking on your site like broken links and conversion funnel bottle necks.

To be able to understand your data, you need to:

  1. Get to know where your traffic comes from

In Google Analytics, you will get an overview and as well as a detailed representation of your website traffic coming from search engines (and which keywords used to find your website), referral traffic (those coming from other websites), social media traffic, direct traffic, and even traffic coming from mobile device users.

  1. Understand the quality and quantity of your traffic

Understanding the quality and quantity of your Google position checker traffic starts by asking questions like which keywords do I have in my website gets the most traffic?

These questions can easily be answered and understood by looking at the keyword queries in respect to the average bounce rate per keyword which will then make you determine relevance of your website pages to each query. By looking at referral traffic or even at social media traffic, you will be able to know and understand which of your content were found relevant by your users that lead them to visit your website.

  1. Comparing results per month

The beauty of the Google Webmasters and Analytics tool is that it gives you enough data as to how much you have accomplished monthly in all the marketing strategies you did for your website. This data will be able to help you calculate on efficiency and as well as re-evaluate your strategies to be able to improve your results.

Creating an Insight to Acquired Data Google position checker

Once you get to organize, compare, and contrast the data coming from the Google Webmasters and Analytics tool, you are ready to create an insight. So, what do the numbers tell you? Are your current marketing strategies effective? Is your SERP Google position checker improving? How is my ROI improving? What are the next steps on take to be able to improve my current results? Am I targeting the right market? What is my feedback score?

In creating an insight, it is very important to write down the insight in order for you to create an epic actionable plan.

When you see a lot of responses coming from an article you wrote on your blog and see it being shared and giving you back links, or if posting a cute picture of a cat promoting your business via Instagram or Pinterest and see people sharing, commenting, or liking it, or seeing this particular keyword query on your website which gives you the phone calls gives you a clear idea that you should:

  • Write more relevant and fresh content on the topics that you are more popular to.
  • Improve your articles.
  • Post an important promo on Tuesdays as your followers respond better on that day.
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